Dang! That's moving my spirit!!” - Doug Kester

“Refreshing!” - Zen Barn

Organized Dead

Rethinking the Grateful Dead and related catalogue....

Organized Dead is an instrumental trio of musical explorers centered around two entities that have changed the course of American music: The Grateful Dead and the iconic Hammond B3 Organ. 

Formed with a desire to put a slightly different spin on the music of this often-covered legendary band, their music features the classic sound of the Hammond B3 Organ and pays homage to the San Francisco-based psychedelic pioneers, their musical roots, solo offshoots and more. They intentionally approach each performance with a fresh lens focused on improvisational explorations, taking each song to new territory in new directions that incorporate and expand on the many genres that the Dead took their music.

Press photos

Jeff Guerin-Hammond B3 Organ, Electric Piano

Ryan Mase-Bass, Ray Kingston-Drums



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